Strong Products
        Fine Chemicals

With strong teams equipped with highly experienced synthetic organic chemists and advanced facilities, Chemtrue Bio-Tech is able to undertake regular products, custom synthesis and process research/development service from grams to hundreds tons quantity.
1. Advantage:
(1) Experience: Have cooperated successfully with many customers for over 50 projects
(2) Capacity: Lab / Pilot / Commercial
(3) Quantity: Grams / Kilo Grams / Metric Tons
(4) Facilities: According cGMP requirement
(5) Cost: Reasonable price
(6) Technology: Strong R&D center support
(7) Communication: Weekly update
2. Operation condition:
(1) Reaction pressure: maximum up to 8.0MPa
(2) Reaction temperature: -78℃ - +300℃
(3) Reaction maximum vacuum: ≤2mmHg
3. Reaction Type:
(1) Glycosylation Reaction
(2) Chiral Induction Reaction
(3) Chiral Resolution Reaction
(4) Fluorination Reaction
(5) Grignard Reaction
(6) Condensation Reaction
(7) Acylation Reaction
(8) Hydrongen Reduction Reaction
(9) Alkylation Reaction
(10) Halogentation Reaction

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