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        Fine Chemicals

With strong teams equipped with highly experienced synthetic organic chemists and advanced facilities, Chemtrue Bio-Pharm is able to undertake regular products, custom synthesis and process research/development service from grams to hundreds tons quantity.

1. Advantage:
(1) Experience: Have cooperated successfully with many customers for over 50 projects
(2) Capacity: Lab / Pilot / Commercial
(3) Quantity: Grams / Kilo Grams / Metric Tons
(4) Facilities: According C-GMP requirement
(5) Cost: Reasonable price
(6) Technology: Strong R&D center support
(7) Communication: Weekly update
2. Operation condition:
(1) Reaction pressure: maximum up to 8.0MPa
(2) Reaction temperature: -78℃ - +300℃
(3) Reaction maximum vacuum: ≤2mmHg
3. Reaction type:
(1) Grignard Reaction
(2) Hydrongen Reduction Reaction
(3) Chiral asymmetric catalytic synthesis
(4)Coupled reaction

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